Friday, July 31, 2009

VIDEO: The Port-A-"Petty" Grand Prix?

"The King" Richard Petty, seven-time NASCAR champion, came to Barre's Thunder Road on Thursday night for the annual WDEV Radio/Calkins Portable Toilets "Port-A-Potty Grand Prix." In case you're out of the loop, the annual race is more than a decade old, and pits the point leaders from each division against each other in potty-themed push carts down the frontstretch.

Here, the crowd chooses the Best Appearing Potty from the four entries: Jean-Paul Cyr and the Late Model push team, Jimmy Hebert and the Tiger Sportsman group, Gary Mullen's Street Stock team, and Donny Yates and the Junkyard Warriors (sounds like an '80s garage band, no?).

Mullen's racing outhouse -- complete with sink! -- was chosen the winner by applause, and Petty clearly had fun presenting the "Golden Plunger" award.

And, of course, what kind of news outlet would this be without a video of the actual race? Hebert's snazzy orange and black tiger-striped crapper was the first to cross the T.P. finish line (we think that's crewman Jared Hart pushing at 100mph), for what is undoubtedly the most important victory of Hebert's young racing career. Unofficially, Yates was a close second, Mullen third, and Cyr -- in a ride that more closely resembles Santa's sleigh and a team of four dilapidated reindeer-bicyclists -- a distant fourth.

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Kevin F said...

Oh my god! That is just a freekin' riot! Richard looked like he couldnt beleive what he was watching/doing. Darn, I miss Thunder Road.