Sunday, July 5, 2009

Note to Race Promoters: Please Build Domes

It surely wasn't for a lack of effort, but we didn't get to see a single lap of racing on Saturday, other than the last-lap wreck at Daytona. In spite of the fact that the weather forecasts said there was a 10-percent chance of rain, it was raining. All day.

After playing the waiting game in Burlington all day, we went against our gut and hooked and hauled to Bradford's Bear Ridge Speedway, just in time to get in the gate, attend the drivers meeting, and find out that the plug was being pulled on the racing program for the night.

The sun was out at the time, and there were good car counts in the pits, but an earlier rain storm destroyed the racing surface; promoter Butch Elms said that after hasty grading and packing, the earliest the track would be ready for a green flag would be "nine or nine thirty, and she'd be one rough son of a bitch."

So, after meeting up with photographer Alan Ward, we crossed into New Hampshire to see if the Enduro at Rattlesnake Motordrome (formerly Legion Speedway, formerly The Pines, formerly Norway Pines) was running. Nope, closed, rain. So we pointed in the direction of White Mountain Motorsports Park, but it the more we drove the harder it rained, and the clouds in that direction were some ugly, mister. Then a sign said "Canaan, 15" so we headed there.

And, of course, we soon learned that Canaan Fair Speedway had rained out, too.

Today, Sunday, the sun is out, the weather is perfect, and it'll be a great night of racing, fireworks, and celebrating 50 years at Thunder Road in Barre. But we've got some Lake Monsters baseball to watch with a crazy three year-old kid, and we can't think of anywhere we'd rather be than there. Have fun, and make sure to tell us all about it tonight. We'll try again on Thursday.

(PHOTOS: 1. The sun is out, but Bryan King is headed home from Bear Ridge; 2. The track was definitely "one rough SOB". Photo 1 by Justin St. Louis/VMM, Photo 2 by Alan Ward)

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