Thursday, July 23, 2009

VIDEO: Insanity! (Or, is it "!ytinasnI"?)

Leave it to Tom Curley to make things interesting. On Thursday night at Thunder Road, the Junkyard Warriors (back to being their own seperate division) ran a two-segment Milk Bowl/monza-style feature.

No big shake, right?

Well, the first segment was run as an eight-lapper... with the field running in REVERSE gear! Outstanding stuff. While we were off running around in Turn 3 with our Junior Correspondent, we left the VMM camera behind for Jeff and Eddy Companion to film the madness. Enjoy the commentary, and we're sorry if there's the occasional "bleep" word in there (we couldn't hear any, but we might have missed one). Kevin Streeter drove to the backwards win in his #61 car, while John Prentice (#87) ended up taking the overall victory after finishing third in both the backwards segment and the regular 25-lap second segment.

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Tenbomber said...

Leave it to Curley to come up this!

You know Justin, had they used this formula for the "media race" a couple of years ago, I might have done better?

In Maine DOT we used to have to tar roads back in the day...which necessated that we back up our trucks (with the body up in the air and a sand box attached) as we dumped our loads spreading the dead sand evenly) in reverse (and in high range) and we would be cruising along in revese sometimes as fast as 30 mph perhaps..pushing this sand box behind us speading that dead sand over the freshly tarred road...

So I figure that I might have had an advantage in this way and maybe gave twisty a run for his money?... hehe!

But that was a pretty crazy scene for sure and a special treat for all who were in attendance last night!