Saturday, May 9, 2009

Perrotte: Track Wasn't Wet During Crash

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. -- Airborne Speedway promoter Mike Perrotte was not calling the shots at his track during the time of Ricky Wolf's crash on Saturday afternoon, but said he was positive that the track was in a raceable condition.

"The track wasn't wet. [Wolf] got off the track on the backstretch, I'm not sure how, but the grass and the mud off the backstretch were wet and he slid," said Perrotte. "ACT [officials] had control of the track."

Reportedly, Wolf slid off the track's backstretch for several hundred feet before impacting an advertising billboard. The crash happened under yellow-flag conditions during practice sessions for the ACT Late Model Tour's Spring Green 100, which was postponed by rain until Sunday at 2:00pm.

Vermont Motorsports Magazine was not present at the time of the crash, and Wolf could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts.

Driver Joey Polewarczyk thought there was water in the track's bottom lane at the time of the crash. "I didn't see [Wolf] crash, but the track was still wet in places when it happened," said Polewarczyk. "I couldn't run the bottom at all. I tried to get on the gas one time and I almost lost the car."

Others saw things Perrotte's way, however, including Mike Thompson, car owner for Dwayne Lanphear.

"Dwayne was on the track when it happened, and he said it was dry," said Thompson. "In fact, Dwayne said it felt great out there when he was up to speed."

"As far as I know, the driver was [uninjured]," said Perrotte. "I don't know if he got off the track on his own or if he was pushed off, but it looked like it was no one's fault. He went under a sign and hit a retaining barrier; the car is torn up pretty bad."

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