Sunday, August 23, 2009

VIDEO: School is in session at Airborne

Patrick Dupree (#24) had a bad heat race at Airborne Speedway on Saturday evening, one that eventually forced him to start 32nd in the feature later in the night. In the following video, he shows just exactly why he is a championship contender as a session of Dr. Dupree's Passing Clinic is in session. Here, he passes Jim McComb, Kenny Schrader, Neal Provost, Spencer Rushlaw, Dan Brown, Craig Reyell, Greg Atkins, Andy Kane, Todd Ormsby, Jimmy Davis, and Michel Viens -- that's 11 cars, if you're counting at home -- in just four laps' time, plus some others after we pan the shot away. Meanwhile, Martin Roy (#90) runs fast up front on his way to his sixth feature win of the year. VMM will have a full recap of the event on Sunday morning.

Also, as a bonus, here's a tutorial by Pierre Bethiaume on how NOT to win a race. This is a video of a video, run twice through in instant replay with commentary from Airborne Speedway announcer Rob Knowles. Berthiaume (#1) was leading by a country mile on lap 15 when he pulled the bonehead move of the night by trying to split the lapped cars of Neal Provost (#74) and Chris Cayea (#18) in Turn 3. Rather than use a bit of patience, Berthiaume drove into a closing hole, slamming into Cayea and spinning off the track. He eventaully finished 21st. Original video by Gene Gagne/

(Videos by Justin St. Louis/VMM)

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