Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Think You Know, But You Have NO IDEA...

So I'm finally getting back behind the wheel on Saturday. Yep, it's true. Bucktona International Speedway is hosting its first-ever "official" race this weekend, and I'll be there in this glorious little Neon.

(Like I said in "The Juice" this week, if you don't know what Bucktona is, ask around, someone in Central Vermont will tell you.)

Ben Bushey, a former Thunder Roadster that used to swap paint with me in the Street Stocks, but now spends his time winning races at Twin State Speedway, donated this hot mess of an Enduro car to the cause, and Chris Burnett of C&S Screenprinting and Burnett Scrap Metals has -- for reasons known only to him -- agreed to support the effort. (I lied to Burnett and told him I'm covering the ACT race at Oxford on Sunday. Pfff... sucker!)

Anyway, if even half of the people rumored to race in this thing show up, we'll have ourselves one heck of a show. I've heard of at least one current ACT Late Model Tour driver, two former Thunder Road Late Model champions, several former Tiger Sportsman winners, two T-Road Street Stockers, maybe a Warrior driver or two, and a notable crew chief that will be there, whether they're racing or not. We've also heard that there will be an actual Street Stock car in competition and have visual comfirmation of a Warrior car already in the pits.

And oh man, wait until you see the track. High banks, tight turns, long straights, and maybe a few other surprises. Ho-lee-cow.

My car's got a solid roll cage, a fire extinguisher, a window net, three or four spare tires (two of which will end up on my street car if they survive, because they're in better shape than the snow tires I have in the pile in the yard right now... for real), a triple-digit number, and a traffic cone bolted to the roof. This thing is for real, kids.

Yeah, I guess VMM will be at Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday for the ACT finale, but really, who cares? This Bucktona deal is obviously the event of the year. Ask around, you gotta see this.

Saturday. Be there.


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Duce said...

You forgot to mention the Gut Truck, and that the band COCKTAIL will also be in attendence.... this is by far the most anticipated event of the year...