Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PHOTOS: Airborne Speedway

Looking into Turn 1 from the frontstretch - note the extension of the wall

Looking back into Turn 1 from the pit road entrance

Looking back into Turn 1 at track-level from Turn 2

Not a great shot, but by using the light poles as a ruler, it's a way to compare the height of the new banking in Turns 1 and 2
Looking into Turn 3 from the backstretch
Turn 4 from the top of the banking - note the downhill slope to the frontstretch and the "natural push" that the new configuration has created coming out of the corner
More evidence of a Turn 4 push: Track owner Steve Fuller slapped the wall with the track's two-seat Late Model during a hot-lap session on Monday
Defending Airborne Speedway Tiger Sportsman Champion Bucko Branham, a welder for Fuller Construction, takes a break from building the new catch fence on the frontstretch
All photos by Justin St. Louis/VMM

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